TESTING Charcoal TEETH Whitening Powder | Does It Works?

TESTING Charcoal TEETH Whitening Powder | Does It Works?

In this video we will find out does charcoal teeth whitening powder really works? I’m going to test it out and will tell you does it makes your teeth from yellow to white,does it really makes your teeth whiter we will find out in this video.

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31 thoughts on “TESTING Charcoal TEETH Whitening Powder | Does It Works?”

  1. ᗴ 𝔪 𝒶 ꪀ 👑

    Bhai already white yellow black fungus trend per chalra hai aur thuje yehi karna tha. Lol

  2. Vishal Hrushi

    bhaiii beard ke upar sexy ho, bro one thing to ask , meine baal thode lambe kiye hai and i want a bushy voluminous look so will a hair mousse help me to achieve volume in medium long hair and bhai kya set wet mousse cream ek hair mousse ka replacement hai means will it work as a good hair mousse?

  3. Bro my hair is falling, like 4-5 on pillow everyday and when i oil my hair 20-30 hair fall and then during shampoo 4-5 hair and then conditioning 4-5 hair , is it normal ??I do shampoo in 4 days and oil also before 5 hours of shampoo

  4. Bhai ek one word answer dedo mere question ka . I have long hair , like chin tk aate hain and main thoda slick back type hairstyle rakhta hun , agar main clay ya wax use krta hun to lambe hair hone ki wajah se they often get stuck together and baalo mein haath lgane pe to dard krte hain phir….to mujhe aisa product btao jisse medium to low hold aaye aur hair smooth aur runny rahein . 🙏❤️

  5. If you sit at a place and speak properly , then you will get more subscribers for sure. Let me honestly tell you, i got irritated while watching. I came here to see the feedback, pros , cons of th product.. so basically this is an informational video not an entertainment video or vlog… Too many cuts , too many short dialogues, unnecessary ka hilna dulna. In sb chizo se distraction jyada hoti hai.. If you think i am wrong , watch ‘Gogi-tech’ videos.. You will realise how well he explains the product and gives reviews.

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