When Whitening Your Teeth Goes Wrong! Orthodontist Reacts!

When Whitening Your Teeth Goes Wrong! Orthodontist Reacts!

When Whitening Your Teeth Goes Wrong! Orthodontist Reacts!

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20 thoughts on “When Whitening Your Teeth Goes Wrong! Orthodontist Reacts!”

  1. I am a single mom of 4 and unfortunately cannot afford dental care, since my last daughter 13 years ago my teeth are just awful even embarrassing is there any organizations that help with advanced dental care?

  2. I’ve never used whitening strips but rather I went to an aesthetic dentist and he gave me a proper serum and light

  3. What a stupid ass, if you’re stupid enough to forget you have strips on and fall asleep you should just be using whitening toothpaste. Strips are bad for your teeth anyway.

  4. You’re cute af. I have had good teeth my entire life but life changes made me start to clench and grind my jaw so it’s been catalyst for decay. Please helppppp

  5. I remember when I did whitening strips my teeth progressively became more and more sensitive to where it was the most intense aching pain in my teeth that felt like nothing could relive it. One of the last times I used them I put one on right before bed so I could sleep through any sensitivity that would occur afterwards, I took the strips off and went to bed but I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst aching sensitivity pain I’ve ever had that lasted a full hour and I could do nothing but roll around in pain cause I couldn’t sleep😂 I think I did a whitening strip one more time after that but never again, I love how white they made my teeth but the excruciating pain I went through will never be worth it for me personally😂 I can still remember exactly how it felt

  6. So basically I went to the dentist and they left a nerve open in my mouth n never covered it up. 🥲 so I’ve been in pain for a while now

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